About Lenox Hill Radiology

Lenox Hill Radiology & Medical Imaging Associates P.C., a physician-owned private practice, serves patients throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area. Founded in 1988, Lenox Hill Radiology has been providing imaging services to individuals, health care practitioners, physicians, and hospitals for more than 20 years. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, Lenox Hill Radiology provides a multitude of imaging services, including digital X-rays and mammography, open MRI, bone mineral density tests, and ultrasounds.

Lenox Hill Radiology employs 20 Board-certified Radiologists whose expertise and advanced degrees fall into a variety of sub-specialty areas, such as musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, or oncologic imaging. The Radiologists ensure Lenox Hill Radiology patients receive the proper diagnosis, treatment, and after-care protocol. An experienced administrative staff supports the Lenox Hill Radiology physicians, helping patients secure the required referrals and address billing and insurance questions.

Recognizing that imaging appointments can cause people disruption or anxiety, Lenox Hill Radiology strives to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Early, late, and weekend appointments are available for those with work schedules that offer little flexibility. In addition, free, high-speed wireless internet is available for patients and their guests. When necessary, Lenox Hill Radiology offers interpreter services in more than 100 languages. For more information about Lenox Hill Radiology and its imaging services, please visit www.lenoxhillradiology.com.


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