Lenox Hill Radiology Centers

Lenox Hill Radiology has several radiology locations in New York, including one in Brooklyn and four in Manhattan. The radiology center offers a variety of medical imaging services, including specialized testing for mammography and women’s health.

Lenox Hill Radiology offers the most sophisticated breast care screening and diagnostic medical tools available. Most recently, Lenox Hill Radiology installed GE Healthcare’s advanced Senographe Essential Full-Field Digital Mammography System. Lenox Hill Radiology also uses a Lorad Selenia Digital Mammography System. Those two systems provide excellent clarity and the most accurate results possible.

Digital mammography creates high-resolution scans, allowing the radiologists to magnify the images and hyper-impose the data for extensive review. The contrast between non-dense and dense breast tissue is exceptional. Such breakthroughs in clarity enable accurate diagnoses. The CAD software that accompanies these advanced detection products also assists radiologists by identifying questionable tissues, masses, distortions, or microcalcifications. This advanced technology helps detect an average of 19.5% more breast cancer than other methods.

Lenox Hill Radiology offers a wide range of other family health services, including MRIs, CT scans, dental scans, x-rays, ultrasounds, and biopsies. Lenox Hill accepts most insurance policies. To learn more, visit LenoxHillRadiology.com.