Preparing for a Visit to Lenox Hill Radiology

At Lenox Hill Radiology, patients receive imaging services such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, using the most advanced technology possible. To help set patients’ minds at ease before receiving an MRI, the professionals at Lenox Hill Radiology composed an FAQ to provide answers to basic inquiries regarding preparation.

Q: What can I do at home before heading to my appointment?

A: If your physician prescribed medications, take them according to the instructions. Leave behind valuables and other accessories such as jewelry and hair clips. Finally, do not wear make-up if you are scheduled to receive a head MRI; and try not to eat at least three hours before the exam.

Q: I have a special condition (e.g. being pregnant) that I just found out about. Should I go through with the appointment?

A: Please give the office a call before the scheduled exam to alert us of conditions such as pregnancy or retinal implants.

Q: How early should I arrive for my appointment?

A: Each appointment includes a 15-minute registration process entailing paperwork and general instructions. Try to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule to leave enough time to complete paperwork and ask any questions that spring to mind about the procedure.

Q: How long does an MRI last?

A: Most MRIs take at least one hour to complete.